5 Ways to Use Silks in Your Home

March at Matlack Florist means one thing.  It’s time for our Annual Silk Sale!!  All through the month of March, everything silk in our shop is 20% off!!  In honor of our big sale, we’d like to share with you some ideas of what you can do with silks!  So read on for some floral inspiration!

Silks are a great way to introduce a floral presence into your home without having to worry about the care necessary for a living plant or cut flowers.  Today’s silk stems can look so real that it’s tough to tell the difference from a silk flower and the flower that it’s modeled after.  Transform your space by incorporating an eye-catching silk floral piece into your decor.

Here are 5 ways to use silk flowers in your home:

5 Ways to Use Silks In Your Home

1. Floral ArrangementsThe most classic use of silk flowers is to create a floral arrangement.  Silk arrangements can brighten up any living space, from your foyer to your living room to even your bathroom!  For the most true-to-life display, rotate your silk flowers with the season.  Your silks should reflect an arrangement that your florist could make using fresh flowers at any given point in time. For example, if it is spring time, then perhaps an arrangement of tulips or forsythia might be more appropriate than, say, a sunflower arrangement.

Many florists have pre-made silk arrangements for you to choose from or you can work with a designer to have a custom design created for your home.  Here are some things to consider when having a custom piece made:

1.  The Placement:  In which room will the arrangement be placed in your home?  How big is the space?  Will the arrangement be used as a centerpiece (viewed from all sides) or will only one side of the arrangement be viewable?

2.  The Container:  What kind of container should your silk arrangement be designed in?  Some florists may have beautiful vases available for sale, however you can also bring in your own container for the florist to use.  Don’t be afraid to get creative with your container!

3.  The Color Scheme:  Which colors should your piece include?  Bring along photos of your home decor, so that the designer can see the space that the arrangement should complement!

4.  The Style:  You’ll want your arrangement to fit into the style of your home?   Is your style Country?  Asian?  Contemporary?  Coastal?  French? Tropical? Western? Traditional?  Would you like the arrangement to be full or loose?

5.  The Size:  How big would you like your arrangement to be?  Again, consider the space that you are working with.  Is this going to be a focal point of a large foyer, or simply an extra touch in your powder room?  The space should dictate how large you can go!

Here are a couple of Matlack Florist custom designs:

Silk Arrangement 2

Silk Arrangement 3

2. Wreaths Decorating your home should start at the front door, an often overlooked spot!  This is where the first impression of your home is made on people, be they your guests, your neighbors, or maybe even just passers-by! And wreaths aren’t just for Christmas!  You can update your wreath to reflect each season and even particular holidays!

Spring Wreaths

Spring Silk Wreaths

Lavender Wreath   I   Spring Tulips Wreath   I   Address Wreath

Summer Wreaths

Summer Silk Wreaths

Deep Pink Wreath   I   Moss Initial Wreath   I    Berry Wreath

Fall Wreaths

Fall Silk Wreaths

Woodland Wreath   I   Burlap Wreath   I   Chrysanthemum Wreath

Winter Wreaths

Winter Silk Wreaths

Berries & Greens Wreath   I   Woodsy Wreath   I   Pine Wreath

3. Garlands and SwagsGarlands and swags are typically reserved for holiday decorating, but we say why limit yourself to tradition!?  Break the mold!  Get creative!  Create garlands using seasonal silk flowers or by including seasonal accents.

Autumn Foliage Swag

Fall Foliage Garland

Spring Garland

Spring Silk Garland

Sunflower Swag

Sunflower Swag designed by Matlack Florist


Why not welcome the outdoors into your home?  If you want the lush feeling of nature inside your home, but you weren’t born with the green thumb gene, then silk plants may be a good option for you! Silk plants, both green and blooming, are available, and they take all of the work out of watering and fertilizing your plants to keep them looking healthy!  The key to making a silk plant look real is to treat it as if it were a real plant.  Position the plant in a well-lit area where it could “grow,” as if it were alive.  After all, you wouldn’t put a live plant in a dark corner of your home!

You could never guess that the orchid plant in the below picture was a fake, would you?

Orchid Plant

5. Loose Silk Stems One of our favorite tricks is to use silks to refresh a plant that has bloomed out!  Use a silk stem to “fill in” for flowering plants that are in between blooms!  For example, an orchid plant that is in between blooms can look pretty boring and colorless, so why not pop a silk orchid stem into the dirt to hold its place until your orchid is ready to re-bloom?  Just be careful not to damage the live roots of the plant that you are placing the silk stem into!

Silk Orchid Place Holder

Placeholder Silk Orchid:  You can see the real orchid buds getting ready to bloom in the top right-hand corner!

Or group a few silk flowers into a bunch and lie them on a shelf, like we did here with these beautiful lavender gerbera daisies.

Loose Gerber Daisy Bunch

Happy Decorating!!

5 Ways To Use Silks In Your Home


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