Celebrate National Pumpkin Day!

It’s that exciting time of year again!  The temperatures are cooling, leaves are changing colors, and the holiday season is creeping in!  But one little known holiday may have eluded your calendar, and it’s today:  National Pumpkin Day!

To help celebrate fall’s favorite fruit (yes, you read that right – fruit!), we’ve brought you a collection of our favorite ideas for decorating your pumpkins!


Carve It:  For a classic take on pumpkin decoration, grab your knife and start carving! You don’t have to stick with the traditional jack-o-lantern. We love these ideas of carving your home address or monogram into a pumpkin for a grown-up punch of Halloween on your front porch!

Paint It:  For the more artistic type, pull out your paintbrushes and get to work!  Use paint and fun embellishments to create different patterns on your pumpkins.  From stripes and diamonds to a more intricate design, anything goes to give your pumpkin some personality!

Drill It:  For an easy technique with great results, pull out the power tools! Keep it simple with a polka dot pumpkin or create a fun pattern with your drill. We especially love the “Boo” message crafted below with three pumpkins and a drill!

Tape It:  For another easy technique, use washi tape to create different striped patterns on your pumpkin.  Mix and match various washi tape designs for different effects. Follow the natural lines of the pumpkin or work the tape both horizontally and vertically to create a plaid design!

Dress It Up:  Use fabrics (and other accessories) to dress up your pumpkins!  How cute is the Pumpkin Mummy below?! Or wrap your pumpkin in lace to create the most chic pumpkin on the block!

Make It Sparkle:  If you like glitz and glam, then bedazzling your pumpkin is the way to go!  Use gemstones, sequins, glitter and more to make your pumpkin shine!

And of course, one of our personal favorite ways to decorate pumpkins…

Add Flowers:  What’s a more seasonally appropriate vessel for your flower designs than a pumpkin?  Really bring the season home by using an assortment of vibrantly hued mums, or even succulents, as seen in these designs!

With a little bit of creativity and the appropriate tools and accessories, the possibilities for your pumpkin are endless!  What are some of your favorite ways to decorate your fall pumpkins?  We’d love to see your designs for the season!


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